Acer Aspire One – At Amazon (US), Windows XP Version in Late August?

Acer Aspire One Yesterday we saw one of the first models of the 8.9-inch Intel Atom-powered Acer Aspire One netbook / sub-notebook show up in stock online for $379.99. This was the Seashell White version with 512MB Memory, an 8GB Solid State Drive (SSD), and running Linpus Linux Lite (with a 3-cell battery).

Today, Amazon began offering the same model, the Acer Aspire One LU.S020A.012, with the same specifications, for $416.99.

Dynamism also sent an e-mail stating that they currently have the same Linux-powered model in stock, in three colors, and that they expected the Windows XP versions with 120GB Harddrives and optional blue casing to become available sometime in the latter half of August.

The delay on the Windows XP version could be due to Microsoft recently relaxing the restrictions on Windows XP being sold for netbooks (originally the restriction was 80GB or smaller hard drives) and Acer deciding to offer a lot more storage space.