Sony VAIO VGN Z-Series Officially Announced

Sony VGN-Z One of the worst-kept secrets around (to the point Sony had even put up a teaser this weekend), the Sony VAIO VGN Z-Series was finally unveiled today.

It’s got a 13.1-inch LED-backlit display. Yes, you read that right, 13.3-inch widescreen (with a scratch-resistant coating no less). They are claiming 100 percent color saturation. I could pretend to understand exactly what that means, but I won’t – I’m going to guess that people who do graphics-oriented work (photographers, video, etc.) will have more accurate colors and leave it at that.

The display is probably the largest resolution in the 13″ and under crowd of laptops – they mention 1600×900.

Coupled with that display is a hybrid graphics system that allows you to change graphics chipsets from a dedicated to an integrated (without having to reboot the laptop!)

They mention there is a “dual channel 128 GB solid state drive (SSD) model” which could mean two 64GB SSDs working in tandem.

Prices start at $1,800 USD. SSD models start at $2,300 USD. They will be available at Sony Style stores and various retailers in the US starting in August.

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