Acer Aspire one Review – LAPTOP Magazine

Acer Aspire One This morning, LAPTOP Magazine published their review of the 8.9-inch Acer Aspire One, one of the latest (and cheapest -starting at around $379) Intel Atom-powered entries into the netbook market.

The version they reviewed came with 512MB of RAM, an 8GB Solid State Drive (SSD) and was running Linspire Linux. It came with the 3-cell battery (which led to a short battery life, although Acer will be offering a larger 6-cell in the future). This one had the white lid, which they mentioned didn’t show smudges, etc., like some others in its class with black or darker colored cases.

Even though it only has an 8GB SSD, they discussed the fact that it has two Secure Digital (SD) slots, which accept SDHC (high capacity) cards. That would allow you to expand the 8GB of onboard storage quite a bit, and in fact an SDHC card in the dedicated SD slot – is added to the pool of SSD storage (basically it looks like it’s part of the harddrive). For $50, you could pick up aHigh-speed 16GB SDHC card and stick it in the dedicated slot and end up with 24GB of SSD storage.

This is also one of the lightest in its class – they weighed it at 2.2 pounds with the 3-cell battery.

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