AMD Plans to Compete with Intel Atom

AMD There’s been a shakeup at AMD, and it appears they might be jumping into the netbook market after all, contrary to what they said back in June.

At that time, AMD was discussing getting into the market sometime in 2010 and/or “when we believe that growth warrants it.”

As of yesterday, AMD has a new CEO – Dirk Meyer, and during the a conference call discussing the company’s earnings yesterday, he talked a bit about competing with Intel’s Atom when answering a question from an analyst:

“We’re a much smaller company with not nearly the scale that our competitor has….. We don’t intend to try to do absolutely everything they do in the marketplace. (But) slightly smaller form factor notebooks and inexpensive notebooks. That is a market segment that we’re interested in.”

“It’s actually a segment that we’re starting to offer products to our customers in support of now… We actually haven’t talked in public about that, but I expect we’ll be talking about that roadmap when we get together in November at our analyst conference.”

AMD officials also discussed moving to 45-nanometer production during the call.

Read: CNET