Asus Eee PC 901 – 32GB and 64GB SSD Upgrades

Asus Eee PC 901

Update: We now have pricing thanks to jkkmobile – the upgraded drives are going to be available in September, with the 32GB for around $150 and the 64GB for around $300. Conics will ship worldwide

If 12GB or 20GB is not enough storage for your 8.9 Eee PC 901, want to add 32GB or 64GB?

Fudzilla has news that Buffalo Technology is coming out with a 32GB and 64GB drop-in expansion / upgrade.

The SHD-EP9M32G (32GB) and the SHD-EP9M64G (64GB) modules are going to replace the 8GB SSD module (but not the 4GB module that the OS is installed on).

Not many other details have been released, i.e. pricing and availability. No mention of whether they will fit the Eee PC 900 either (although there is a good chance it will).