Sylvania MESO to Enter Netbook Market

Sylvania Meso A consumer electronics manufacturer / retailer with close ties to Wal-Mart is announcing that it’s jumping into the netbook game with an 8.9-inch offering.

The Sylvania MESO (or Sylvania g netbook MESO) will be based on a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, will weigh in at around 2.2 pounds, and will come with an 80GB HDD loaded with either XP Home or Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It’ll have an internal webcam, and the 8.9″ display is an LED-backlit display.

Its a follow-up to Sylvania’s VIA C7-based “Syvania g” netbook (which was not well known).

It will be available in four colors: Onyx (black), Snow (white), Solar (yellow), Blossom (pink)