Gigabyte M912 Mini-Review (LAPTOP Magazine)

Gigabyte M912 Netbook Joanna Stern at LAPTOP Magazine promised a mini-review of the 8.9″ Gigabyte M912 and she has delivered.

As mentioned yesterday, the M912 is one of the first convertible netbooks / mini-notebooks to offer Tablet PC functionality, and it had some some high expectations, to say the least, which were not met (at least when reviewed). Even removing Norton Antivirus (which slowed it waaay down), it still booted Windows Vista rather slowly. That being said, it has a resistive touchscreen, and it appears the touch functionality worked well (well enough to ignore the stylus).

The model reviewed is the Gigabyte M912v. Joanna mentions a Gigabyte M912m that will have an LED-backlit display that will be much brighter / sharper. They did not release any performance benchmarks or battery life (but will be doing so in a later review). Keep in mind that this will run around up to $700 if you import it into the US (it’s not available here).

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