NetShare Coming Back to iPhone

iPhone 3G Update: AT&T announces plans to add tethering “soon”

Update: NetShare will not be officially coming back to Apple’s App Store.

For iPhone owners who are fans of NetShare, it’s apparently coming back to the iPhone. NetShare, from Nullriver, was/is a $10 application available through Apple’s App Store. It allows you to use your iPhone as basically a wireless router for your computer, using your 3G / EDGE connection.

Think of it as tethering without any cables.

A really clever application (and use) and one that many travelers would like to use when WiFi is not available. There’s some debate over it – people were surprised that AT&T didn’t offer a tethering plan and Apple didn’t off the ability for iPhone users, because the iPhone had all of the hardware needed. Nullriver made it even easier, since it uses a wireless connection.

Those of you not following this little saga, here is a brief outline of events:
– Nullriver released Netshare a week ago
– Apple takes it down minutes later.
– Hours later, it’s back in the App Store.
– Hours after that, it’s gone again.

There’s been a lack of communication – in theory Nullriver wasn’t breaking any Apple guidelines and/or agreements for Apps. It could be seen as violating the terms of service for the iPhone plan, and at this piont, AT&T should be capitalizing on this and offering a tethering plan for the iPhone, since they offer it for other devices, and since this application makes it so easy.

Now Wired Magazine is saying that Apple finally contacted Nullriver and said that it was a technical error that it was removed and that it will be back in the store.

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