ECS G10IL and Sylvania MESO – Hands-On, Video Webcast (LAPTOP Mag)

Sylvania Meso The folks at LAPTOP Magazine (well Joanna Stern) have been incredibly busy the past few days.

First-off, a hands-on with the ECS G10IL. The ECS G10IL is a 10.2-inch netbook, one that Joanna calls “The Sexiest Netbook Yet”, and it’s powered by an Intel Atom CPU. It’s slightly larger than others in its class – the keys are slightly larger and are flat, similar to an Apple MacBook. She believes it will give Lenovo a run for their money in the design department. She considers it a potentional contender to knocking the MSI Wind and Eee PC 1000H off the throne in the 10-inch category.

Second, a hands-on with the 8.9-inch Sylvania g Netbook Meso which is also powered by an Intel Atom. She mentions it’s thicker, but shorter than the Acer Aspire. She’s also included a video of it.

Finally, here very shortly (1pm EST, 12pm CST), there is going to be a live webcast (you can access it here) that revolves around the G10IL and the Meso.

This is something new for LAPTOP Magazine, and they’ll be taking questions from viewers, as well as chatting with people from a few other mobile websites.

Hands-on with ECS G10IL
Sylvania g Netbook Meso