Dell Mini Inspiron, E-Series Next Week?

Dell Mini Inspiron CNN Money is reporting that next week, Dell is set to roll out a new lineup of computers that could include the 8.9-inch Intel Atom-powered Dell Mini Inspiron (or Inspiron Mini) as well as the E-Series, the 12.1-inch Dell Latitude E4200 and the 13.3-inch Dell Latitude E4300.

Dell would not confirm or deny exactly what products will be announced.

What’s interesting is that two netbooks are being discussed as potential launches – whether this would include a 10-inch Mini Inspiron or simply two version of the 8.9-inch Inspiron remain to be seen. If it’s two versions of the 8.9-inch model, it could be a really low-cost version with Linux and possibly a Solid State Drive (SSD), and then a higher spec’d version with a conventional hard drive.

If the Latitudes are launched, they could include a formal discussion of the Dell Latitude XT2, the sequel Latitude XT, Dell’s Tablet PC/convertible.

Read: CNN Money