Netbooks / Mini-Laptops – 5 Million in 2008, 8 Million in 2009

Gartner, the research and analyst firm, is predicting that netbooks are going to be big business:

Just a few of the numbers they are tossing around:
– In 2008, they expect more than 5 million mini-notebooks to be shipped
– In 2009, up to 8 million shipped
– In 2012, up to 50 million shipped
– Up to 70% of netbooks to be in the consumer category.

They base this on what most of us who are already using smaller laptops know:

“The demand for mini-notebooks will be driven by several factors: by their small form factor and small screen, their light weight, their price, their ease of use and their basic, but sufficient, PC functionality,” said George Shiffler, research director at Gartner, in a statement.