Things to Like and Dislike About the Acer Aspire One

Acer Aspire One Kevin Tofel over at jkOnTheRun has posted five things he likes and five things he doesn’t like about the 8.9-inch Acer Aspire One.

Among the likes: Build quality, the display, and the battery life. Among the dislikes: Upgrading the memory on the Aspire One and the SSD.

I’m bringing this up because by this time tomorrow, I should have an Acer Aspire One in my hands, and will definitely be going over it during the next several days (actually for quite a while to come). Reading his comments (as well as the video he and JK posted) has been driving me nuts, while I’ve been waiting on my HDD version to ship.

I decided to forego the SSD route – part of what I’ll be using this for (and it will used as a personal machine by me) required me to have quite a bit of storage, so chances are I will be replacing the 120GB hard drive with something in the 320GB range. I’m also going to be upgrading the memory.

I’ll be documenting this as I go along (including any and all upgrades). Because I bought this for myself, I expect to be doing quite a bit to it – I maybe even replacing the wireless card for some networking hardware that I’m testing.

The model I bought:
– AOA150-1006 LU.S040B.110
– 120GB HDD
– 1GB Memory
– Windows XP Home
– White

jkOnTheRun – 5 things to dislike
jkOnTheRun – 5 things to like