HP 2133 Mini-Note – Sequel with VIA Nano CPUs?

HP 2133 Mini-Note A week ago, we saw rumors of HP moving to the Intel Atom, with the addition of a 10.2″ panel to their 8.9-inch HP 2133 Mini-Note lineup.

DigiTimes is reporting that Hewlett-Packard has placed orders for VIA’s new Nano CPUs (which are currently shipping). Keep in mind that these are basically drop-in replacements for the C7-M, and are 64-bit and 65nm. They should require little to no effort on HP’s part to put these in new 2133 Mini-Notes.

DigiTimes mentions that they don’t know whether it’ll be netbooks or notebooks, only that VIA mentioned a “certain first-tier notebook vendor” and that whatever product(s) these end up in will be available by October of this year (which would put HP in line to roll out basically a second generation 2133 Mini-Note in time to compete with Lenovo and Dell).

They also mention that HP ordered 500,000 C7-M CPUs, which should put them on track to sell at least the same number of existing 2133 Mini-Notes.

On a related note, another DigiTimes story mentions that VIA is planning on launching a new form factor, what VIA is calling “Mobile-ITX” sometime later this year, or early next year, that will be half the size of Pico-ITX, but that will support full VIA Eden, C-7, and Nano platforms. Whether these will make it into some kind of sub-notebook is hard to say (perhaps a 5.6″ or 7″ device).

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