Dell Inspiron 910 – More Specs, Dates

Dell Inspiron 910 Gizmodo has the 8.9-inch Dell Inspiron 910 (formerly the Dell Mini Inspiron or Inspiron Mini) available later this week – August 22, 2008 to be precise.

They’ve also leaked some specifications and photos, some of which sound really cool and some of which leave us scratching our heads.

The head scratcher is that it’ll be maxed out at 1GB of RAM. That can’t be right.

The cool thing: There is an easy-access panel on the bottom that allows you full access to the wireless card, the memory slot, and two full-sized minicard slots. The Solid State Drive – SSD – takes up one slot. A Bluetooth module (optional) takes up the other minicard slot. In theory you might be able to go up to 32GB of SSD, assuming they’ve got 16GB on one minicard.

They’ve also listed a weight of 2.2 pounds (0.99kg) with a 4-cell battery. Ubuntu 8.0.4 and Windows XP SP2 (probably Home) are the OSes of choice.

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