HP EliteBook 2730p Video (Notebooks.com)

HP Compaq 2730p Notebooks.com has a video from Hewlett-Packard’s Kyle Thorton showing off the new features from the HP EliteBook 2730p, including the traditional buttons that had been missing in the 2710p (screen rotation, ESC) as well as desired by end users (jog dial).

The stylus/pen garage has been changed, including a dual-action/”Double-Clutch” system that keeps the pen inside the 2730p even if it’s shaken.

He also shows off the new touchpad which was missing in the 2710p. The mouse buttons are pretty slick looking – they are carved out of the same stainless steel piece as the chassis/palm rest, so it’s one continous piece of stainless steel.

Read/View: Notebooks.com