More Asus Eee PC HD and XP Models

Asus Eee PC 904 Well we knew about the 8.9-inch Asus Eee PC 904HD (and that it would have both Linux and Windows XP options), but it looks like there are other HDD (and Solid State Drive) and Windows XP versions of some of Asus’ other Eee PCs that are going to be coming out. All are going to start with 1GB of RAM (a welcome change). Obviously the 1000HD will have a 10.2″ display while the others have an 8.9″ display. Only the 901 lists an Atom CPU (The 900 series is powered by older Celeron Mobiles). Colors shown are Purple and Cherry Red.

Eee PC 1000HD XP
– Bluetooth
– About $550 USD
– 6-cell Battery

Eee PC 904HD XP
– About $475 USD
– 6-cell Battery

Eee PC 901 XP
– 12GB SSD
– 802.11 draft-N
– bluetooth
– About $550 USD
– 6-cell Battery

Eee PC 900 XP (16G)
– 16GB SSD
– About $450 USD
– 4-cell Battery

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