20 Million Intel Atoms in 2008, Sony and Fujitsu Netbooks

Intel Atom DigiTimes is reporting that Intel is going to ship 20 million Atom CPUs this year. Yes, that’s right, 2008. With the majority going into netbooks, that’s pretty impressive.

The news comes from a report published by the Chinese-language Commercial Times, and it says that Intel is also expanding its Atom manufacturing capacity.

The report also mentions that Sony and Fujitsu will be jumping into the netbook market later this year (in the fourth quarter).

We had reports back in June that Sony would be doing something based on VIA’s OpenBook reference design and just this week Akihabara News reported that there would be a Fujitsu netbook with an Intel Atom later this year.

Meanwhile, PC World mentions that Asustek is still pushing the Intel Celeron M 353 CPU in some of its products and will continue to do so for while due to Atom shortages. They are using the Atoms they do receive for the Eee PC 901, and Eee PC 1000 and 1000H models.