Asus N10 Revealed

Asus N10 Blogee has come up with an exclusive that maybe huge that of an upscale 10.2-inch Asus N10 netbook.

The listed price of €330 – €430 ($488 – $637) – I have a hard time seeing that based on the pricing of their current Eee PC lineup (which is out of line with models from Acer and Lenovo and possibly Dell). $450 – $600 would get you a lesser Eee PC than an N10, so either the price is right and Asustek is going to drop the prices on the Eee PC line, or the price is wrong and will be higher.

I also have a hard time seeing that price given the features: HDMI is listed (and there is a port shown). This doesn’t make sense given that the standard Intel 945GME chipset (or any 945 chipset) in the current Atom netbooks does not support HDMI out. There is also a fingerprint reader (maybe optional) shown in the photos.

Based on buttons shown on the keyboard in one of the photos, there appears to be some kind of turbo mode (we’ve seen this elsewhere) as well as a screen magnification mode. There also appears to be an ExpressCard slot as well.

The keyboard looks nice, the hinges look sturdy. If Asus brings this to the market for under $1000, they could do well with it – it does look very professional.

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