New York Times on Netbook Prices

Netbook I’m not the only one talking about the prices of netbooks over the past few days – Matt Richtel over at the New York Times “Bits” section is talking about it as well.

Yesterday saw Acer dropping the price on the Aspire One by a fairly large margin (10%+), and the price drop loooks to coming to the UK and elsewhere (PC World in the UK is one example).

On Thursday I talked at length about it as well.

Richtel mentions that netbooks maybe headed over a price cliff and that netbooks could sell regularly for $299, and might well drop by the holidays to $249, which would mirror the start of cell / mobile phones and their eventual rise in popularity and usage. He’s basing this on what industry analysts have said, including one who mentioned the impact of the just-concluded Intel Developer Forum: “Dozens and dozens of netbooks were shown” and computer makers saw for the first time “just how many competitors they have”.

Read: NY Times – Bits
Thanks to Suresh