Acer Aspire One at Best Buy

Acer Aspire One It looks like more of the price drops for the 8.9″ Acer Aspire One netbook / sub-notebook are starting to pop up, and this time in a retail store in the US.

Best Buy prominently features the Acer Aspire One in today’s (Sunday) flyer. They are calling it an “Exclusive”.

– Model: A0A150-1570
– Windows XP Home
– 1GB of RAM
– 120GB HDD

The SKU shown is 8967335, however it doesn’t yet show up in their online laptop area . When Circuit City started carrying Aspire Ones, many stores didn’t have the hardware needed to display the Aspire Ones (the security hardware that is) because they were much smaller than their normal laptops, and you had to ask somebody to get you one. The same maybe true of Best Buy – they may not be out on display just yet in the actual store. Keep in mind they only guarantee three per store.

This is going to be big over the long term – now that many consumers can get exposed to these things, at this price point, it’s going to force other companies to drop their prices, and more importantly, as many have said, this will be the shove that netbooks need to really become mainstream machines.

Below is the ad:

Acer Aspire One - Best Buy Ad