Dell Studio XPS 13 Leaked

Dell Logo Over at the forums, somebody has posted some leaked Dell presentations. Among the more interesting slides / pictures, there was one for the 13.3″ Dell Studio XPS 13, which is coming in November.

It looks nice, and could be a serious rival to the MacBook Air, Vodoo Envy 133, and Lenovo ThinkPad X300. “Premium materials and designs with focus on fit and finish” is mentioned prominently.

– Slot loading Blu-Ray dirve
– Intel Motevina platform
– HDMI Output, Hybrid SLI graphics (wow)
– “Capacitive Multi-Media Buttons”
– Backlit keyboard
– Mobile Broadband options
– WiMax Options
– Bluetooth/UWB Support
– Webcam, biometric security
– E-SATA port

It also mentions that the display is “Edge to edge glass (floating display)” which is really interesting – they did not have any pictures of the display itself, but that’s the first I’ve heard of such a display.

This is going to be a very high-end laptop when it’s released.

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