Hercules eCafe Netbook

Hercule eCafe Speaking of non-mainstream AMD-based netbooks, here’s another one, although it’s not nearly as powerful as the Everun Note (which is using a regular AMD dual-core CPU versus this AMD Geode).

– LX 800 AMD Geode CPU (500MHz)
– 8″ Widescreen display – 1024×600
– 512MB – 1.5GB Memory
– Linux (not sure on distro)
– Card reader or PCExpressCard
– Webcam
– 20GB Storage (unsure if SSD or HDD)

It looks to be available in September for 300 € (around $440 USD) in Europe. The display is rather unique – I would think it would have been a 7″ display. I’m also surprised at the CPU, given what you can currently buy on the market at that price point.

PCGamesHardware.de / Blogeee.net (French)
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