Commodore Announces UMMD 8010/F Netbook

Commodore Logo Netbook This is definitely unexpected. Pocket-Lint is reporting that we have a new netbook from a familiar company (at least familiar to those of us who got our start with comptuers back in the 1980s). It’s Commodore (remember the Commodore 64 or the Amiga?) and they have just announced the Commodore UMMD 8010/F.

It joins the HP 2133 Mini-Note and the Everex CloudBook as one of the few VIA C7-M-based netbooks.

– Windows XP Home or Linux
– 10.2″ Display with Webcam
– 80GB HDD
– 802.11b/g and optional Bluetooth

It comes in white, black, gray, and pink, and starts at £325 ($585 USD) and is supposed to be available later this month.

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