Google Chrome – A New Browser

Google Chrome Google has made available their own internet / web browser, dubbed Google Chrome (or Chrome for short). It’s free, open-source, lightweight, and (so far) easy to use. They’ve worked on unifying the interface quite a bit more than other browsers. It does have components from both Apple’s Safari browser, as well as Mozilla’s Firefox browser – they aren’t necessarily trying to re-invent the wheel, they just want to make a better wheel.

Kevin over at jkOnTheRun noticed the about:memory command that you can type in the bar (or Omnibar as it’s called) that shows you the memory usage of not only Chrome, but any other web browsers you have open.

I’m impressed so far, and will be loading it on my Aspire One to play around with. Even with 1GB of RAM, Firefox on the Aspire can be a little slower than I like. This could be the go-to browser for netbooks. It feels lightweight on a regular Windows laptop.

Unfortunately it’s only available for Windows Vista and Windows XP – Mac OS X and Linux versions are currently in development.

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