Asus Eee PC Price – Falling?

Asus Eee PC 4G Could the 7″ Asus Eee PC line that really started the netbook craze be dropping in price?

It could be happening, at least in Europe. Liliputing is reporting that Expansys, a major UK retailer of laptops, netbooks, etc., has dropped the prices on the 512MB, 4GB SSD models (Eee PC 4G) down to under $300 USD (£158.99 with VAT, around $280 USD). A quick check of Amazon UK shows some of the Expansys-listed Eee PCs at this price, but there are other retailers with Eee PCs listed through Amazon that are also down to just under $300 USD.

I’ve honestly been waiting for a price drop on these – Some of the 7″ Intel Celeron-powered netbooks, the prices have been too near the 8.9″ Intel Atom-powered netbooks lately.

Read: Liliputing