Future Intel Atom CPUs – Q3 of 2009

Intel Atom Register Hardware came across some interesting documents / charts on PC Watch in regards to the future of Intel’s Atom lineup.

While it didn’t reveal anything new about upcoming dual-core implementations of the Atom (Diamondville based on the Silverthorne micro-architecutre) and whether they will even be available in netbooks anytime soon, it did mention Intel’s “Pineview” platform, based up on the “Lincroft” micro-architecture. It’ll be 45nm like the Atom, hyperthreaded, and will be available sometime in Q3 2009 (about a year from now).

There will be both single and dual-core versions (and with hyperthreading, you’ll be able to run either 2 or 4 threads respectively).

The big news is that it’s moving to a Direct Media Interface (DMI) and away from a Frontside Bus (FSB). This allows for an integrated graphics core and DDR2 memory management built-in, and it could increase performance while decreasing power requirements (and physical space inside of devices based on this platform).

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via Register Hardware