Samsung Netbook Announced

Samsung Netbook Looks like Samsung had pretty good reasons to start working with Microsoft on speeding up Windows Vista on Solid State Drives (SSDs), and not just because Samsung wants to sell more SSDs.

Samsung has announced a netbook during the “KT WIBRO Alliance” gathering in Seoul, Korea. It’s based on Intel’s Atom CPU, has a 10.2″ display, and should be available by the end of October in Korea for around $550 – $560 USD, as well as the global market.

– Intel Atom CPU (1.6GHz)
– 10.2″ display (1024 x 600)
– 80 GB, 120GB, 160GB Mechanical HDD
– 6-cell battery
– 2.87 pounds / 1.3 kg has a few photos, and jkkmobile points to a few more as well as specifications.

AVING USA (Korean/Google Translation)
– via jkkmobile