Intel Atom Shortage Over?

Toshiba Satellite NB105 DigiTimes has an article up mentioning a few things we already know – mainly that Toshiba will be entering the netbook market later this year with the 10.2″ Toshiba Satellite NB105 and that Samsung will also be entering the market (in October) with a 10.2″ Samsung Netbook as well (still no official name).

Both are based on Intel’s Atom CPU, and both will have conventional 2.5″ Serial ATA (SATA) HDDs, similar to what you see in larger-sized laptops (again, we knew this).

However, the article mentions one very interesting tidbit of information: “the Intel Atom shortage has been resolved“. The shortage has probably held some companies back.

They also mention that a lot of second-tier notebook makes are entering the netbook market in order to boost their brand recognition.

Read: DigiTimes