Raon Everun Note – Available in US

Raon Everun Note The Raon Everun Note is now available for purchase in the USA through Dynamism.

This is a unique ultraportable – price and size-wise, it could fall into the netbook category, but it’s running a CPU that you would normally find in a larger laptop. It’s powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core AMD Turion 64×2 with 1MB of L2 Cache. The graphics chipset is the ATI RS690E with 128MB of graphics memory.

Even though it has a 7″ display, it still has a fairly high resolution for that size – 1024×600. Normally you don’t see that in sub-notebooks until you get into the 8.9″ range. Even though it’s got a larger CPU, it still manages to be fairly light when it comes to weight – 1.63 lbs (0.74kg).

It’s got a starting price of $879 USD and should be available on September 30th.

Read/Purchase: Dynamism