ASUS N10 Hands-On (Engadget)

Asus N10 In what is one of the first hands-ons with the upcoming 10.2″ Asus N10, Engadget briefly talks about high-end netbook and where it falls into the market – it’s really pushing what we’d call a netbook (and Asustek has went through the trouble of making sure there is no confusing it with the Eee PC line).

It is one of the first (maybe the only one) that has a dedicated graphics chipset (NVIDIA GeForce 9300GS) which apparently, according to Engadget, can be switched over to an integrated graphics chipset. It’s got an HDMI port to go along with it.

They also mention that the six-cell battery provides six hours of battery life.

The most amazing thing, if Engadget is correct, is the pricing and features:
Asus N10E: $599 – Integrated (probably Intel) graphics, small hard drive
Asuis N10J: $699 – NVIDIA and Intel switched graphics, larger hard drive

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