Lenovo ThinkPad X200T – More With GBM

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet Following up yesterday’s hands-on preview of the Lenovo ThinkPad X200T Tablet, GottaBeMobile has posted a few more articles about the X200T:

Bezel comparison of the X200T and the ThinkPad X61 Tablet (note it’s a pre-shipping evaluation model so it may change slightly when production models ship).

Rob Bushway’s thoughts on the X200 Tablet, including location of the pen, loss of the NavDial (it was dropped between the X200 and X61), the changes with resolution and WXGA, and pricing

GBM InkShow: Warner Crocker got a chance to speak with Mike Majapuro, who is the Lenovo World Wide Product Manager, on his thoughts about what Lenovo wanted to do with the X200 Tablet: Improved battery performance, multi-media features, and overall improved performance.