Dell Moving to All LED-Backlit Displays

Dell Logo PC Magazine is reporting that Dell will be making the transition to all LED-backlit displays for its laptops by 2010. They told PC Magazine that by the middle of this December, around 66% of their existing Latitude E-series laptops will be shipped with LED-backlit displays (mercury-free no less) as the standard display.

Some of Dell’s ultraportables, such as the 12.1″ Latitude E4200 and 13.3″ Latitude E4300 are already using LED-backlit displays,

They predict that around 80% of all Dell laptops sold by the end of 2009 will be LED-backlit.

It’s hard to say when some of their budget lines, such as the 13.3″ Dell Inspiron 13 will be LED-backlit – probably by the end of the 2009 since they could (in theory) share panels with the E4300 series.

This should help extend battery life on most models (15-20% depending on who you ask) as well as help bring the price of such panels down as economies of scale kicks in.

Read: PC Magazine

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  1. It’s a sad thing. I know this is very personal but I *much* prefer TFT display. They are clearer, brighter and in general things look much better on a good TFT.

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