Acer Chairman on Future of Netbooks

Netbook Acer Chairman JT Wang briefly mentioned Acer’s 8.9″ Acer Aspire One netbook in a discussion about Acer’s finances, shipments, and goals for this year and next.

Notebooks as a whole accounted for almost 63 million of the 139 million total PCs that Acer shipped in the first half of this year. Wang mentioned that he is confident that Acer will reach their goals of shipping between 5-7 million netbooks in 2008. He believes that by 2009, the netbook market will hit 50 million units, with Acer getting a 30% share of that market.

He also spoke about something which some are starting to come around to, that netbooks maybe taking some sales from the mainstream notebook market. He believes that the overlap between netbooks and mainstream notebooks will only reach 20-30%, with the rest being new / secondary purchases (or new opportunities).

Read: DigiTimes