128GB SSD For Under $300

Super Talent MasterDrive LX Super Talent has announced a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) and 64GB SSD in the 2.5″ SATA form factor, that will be available for under $300. It uses MLC (Multi-Level Cell) Technology which is slower than Single-Level Cell (SLC) drives, but it’s also much cheaper.

These have the benefit of being more durable (no moving parts, in case it’s dropped) as well as they can lower power consumption and extend battery life. In a Linux-based system, these are well worth it (Windows isn’t necessarily as fast or efficient given the Windows file system and how much Windows accesses the drive).

– 2.5″ Serial ATA-II (SATA)
– MLC (Multi-Level Cell) Technology
– Write speeds: Up to 40MB/sec
– Read speeds: Up to 100MB/sec
– Access Time: 0.1ms
– 1 year warranty

– FTM64GO25H (64GB)
– FTM28GO25H (128GB)

These should be shipping to retailers in the next week or two for $299 for the 128GB SSD, and $179 for the 64GB SSD.

Super Talent – Press Release
Super Talent – Product Page
(thanks to Tim)