Asus N10 Review (Mobile Computer)

Asus N10 Julian over at Mobile Computer magazine has put together a review of the new 10″ Asus N10 netbook.

Sometimes it’s hard to refer to the Asus N10 as a netbook – the $700 price (USD) is up there, but there have been other netbooks in that price range. It doesn’t help that apparently Asus has gone back to calling it a notebook. According to Mobile Computer, it was designed by Asus’ laptop division and not the Eee PC division.

It doesn’t help that it has an Intel Atom for the CPU (a typical netbook CPU) while the graphics chipset is an NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS.

As they point out, there is probably a market for it – it does have an ExpressCard (only a couple of other netbooks have that), and it does have the dedicated graphics that could help with some games, but it’s also still got an Intel Atom instead of an Intel Core 2 Duo (ULV).

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