Toshiba Demonstrates SCiB Battery Technology

Toshiba Dynabook SS RX2 Last week at CREATEC 2008 (a consumer trade show held in Japan every year), Toshiba showed off some new battery technology that could shake up the notebook battery market (and how we think about batteries and battery sizes in general).

The technology is called “Super Charge ion Battery” (SCiB), and a notebook equipped with this can be charged up to 90% of its full capacity within 10 minutes. When Toshiba originally demonstrated the technology it was quite a bit slower than this current version.

The materials used not only allow for a shorter recharge rate, but they improve the lifecycle of the battery (Up to 6,000 charges). 6,000 charge cycles is several times more than current Lithium Ion batteries in existing notebooks can handle.

A lot of us want larger capacity batteries, but if I could charge a battery up to 90% full capacity in 10 minutes, I might be willing to settle for a smaller capacity battery (assuming I’d have access to power for 10-25 minutes every 3-4 hours).

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