Acer Aspire One Review (UMPC Portal)

Netbook UMPC Portal has published their review of the 8.9″ Acer Aspire One netbook. The version they tested came with the 120GB HDD (newer ones have 160GB HDDs) along with 1GB of RAM and Windows XP Home, and the 3-cell battery.

They’ve included benchmarks as well as some heavy-duty battery testing (display all the way up, CPU at 100%, etc.).

Read: UMPC Portal

While we are talking about Aspire Ones, I had planned on posting a full review back in September – as luck would have it, a friend’s laptop kicked the bucket – I ended up loaning them my Aspire One temporarily, and they’ve been using it as their main machine up through this weekend. I’ll be posting about their experiences later this week, as well as finishing my review.