Asustek Launches Eee PC S101, N10

Asus N10 Asustek has officially launched the Asus Eee PC S101 and the Asus N10.

Both high-end 10.2″ netbooks are based on Intel Atom CPUs, but the N10 deviates from the normal netbook market, withits HDMI output and options that include a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 9300GS Graphics chipset. There is even some debate over whether the N10 fits into the netbook category because of the price and graphics options.

Initial S101 models:
– 16GB SSD (32GB and 64GB models later on)
– Windows XP Home
– NT$19,988 (@ $620 USD)

Asus N10E:
– Windows XP Home
– Probably Intel GMA 950 graphics
– 160GB HDD
– NT$22,900 (@ $710 USD)

Asus N10J:
– Windows Vista
– NVIDIA 9300M GS graphics
– 250GB HDD
– NT$28,900 (@ $890 USD)

Engadget’s Chinese-language site has photos posted of the S101 up close as well.

Engadget (Chinese)