Apple: Notebook Event on October 14, 2008

Apple MacBook Air Next Tuesday, October 14, 2008, there will indeed be an Apple event after all, and it will definitely be notebook oriented (which matches with some of the rumors we’ve seen recently).

AppleInsider has the details – an invitation sent to the media yesterday shows what appears to be an aluminum Apple notebook with the words “The spotlight turns to notebooks.“.

The event will be at the Cupertino headquarters of Apple at the “Apple Town Hall” at 10:00am (Pacific) next Tuesday. As AI points out, this has been used to make Mac-related product announcements in the past. Earlier this year, the venue was used to launch the new aluminium iMacs.

Based on past events, if it were a simple platform or CPU bump, they wouldn’t have gone through this much trouble – it would make sense to use this setting to launch an updated aluminum version of their 13.3″ MacBook (which were slightly upgraded in February of this year, but still resembled the MacBooks from May of 2006, back when iMacs also featured the same non-metallic finish).

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