MSI Wind U120 – Images, Information

MSI Wind PC Recently we learned about new models in the MSI Wind lineup that would be coming to the US (and probably Canada) either later this year or into next.

Fudzilla managed to get their hands on some images from one of those upcoming models, the 10.2″ MSI Wind U120 netbook, as well as some additional information.

We already know the U120 (possibly the Wind 2) is going to be available sometime in December (for under $600 USD), and will feature a slightly different design (meant to be more “business-like”) as well as Solid State Drive (SSD) options.

The images clearly show that while the U120 maintains a lot of the same features of the MSI Wind U100, it differs in a few areas of the new design. Fudzilla is also saying that the SSDs will come in either 20GB or 40GB capacities. It’ll also apparently have 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless and a 3.5G mobile broadband option as well.

I have to say I like what they did – it’s not much of a change, but it definitely looks different.

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