Sony VAIO TT Unboxed, Impressions (Engadget)

Sony VAIO VGN-TT Last week, Darren Murph over at Engagdet posted a couple of photos of Sony’s new 11.1″ ultraportable VAIO VGN-TT series along with their first impressions.

This was the high-end TT model – VGN-TT198U, and selling for around $4,450 (USD). Sony will be launching it later this week. With the high price tag you get quite a bit – the “lightest” laptop with Blu-Ray capabilities (it can even burn Blu-Ray Discs (BRD)), dual 128GB Solid State Drives (SSDs), and an HDMI port. Part of what makes it so light is the carbon-fiber chassis the ultraportable is built upon. It’s also got an LED-backlit display (at this price it better). This particular model has 4GB of DDR3 memory as well as an ultra low voltage (ULV) CPU based on Intel’s Core 2 Duo platform.

They had a problem with “bloatware” (third party applications that many manufacturers pre-install on laptops), but they loved the keyboard, giving it high marks compared to the 11.1″ Lenovo IdeaPad U110.

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