Apple Rumor Roundup for October 14, 2008

Apple MacBook Air In addition to some of the things we’ve already mentioned, here is a quick roundup of various sites and their predictions and stories for the Apple notebook event that takes place later this morning.

AppleInsider has taken a look at a report by a financial / research firm about just how much an $800 or $900 MacBook would grow Apple’s market share and revenue (quite a bit it turns out). They also mention Apple being in a positition to eventually convert iPod customers into iPhone customers (which would generate a lot of revenue through the App Store – I know I’ve bought enough).

AppleInsider has also mentioned some last minute rumors posted on their Backpage blogs (rumors that may not be as strong as they normally prefer, but mentioned for the sake of interest). They include codenames, Blu-Ray mentions, part numbers, pricing (starting at $899), and Bento 2 from FileMaker (an Apple company).

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has posted their predictions as well. Some mentions of netbooks, Tablet Macs, and the potential for an $800 MacBook (or something in that range).