HP 2133 Mini-Note Updates Part II

HP 2133 Mini-Note About three weeks ago, we mentioned that HP was getting aggressive with the price drops and rebates on the VIA-powered HP 2133 Mini-Note netbook.

There were $50 and $100 rebates being offered on top of lowered prices. The rebates have been dropped in favor of lowered pricing, as you can see below.

Amazon pricing:
KR922UT#ABA – 1GHz, 4GB SSD, 512MB RAM, SUSE Linux – $369.94
KX868AT#ABA – 1.2GHz, 120GB 5400rpm HDD, 1GB RAM, Windows Vista Home Basic – $431
KX869AT#ABA – 1.2GHz, 120GB 5400rpm HDD, 1GB RAM, SUSE Linux – $439
KX870AT#ABA – 1.6GHz, 120GB 7200rpm HDD, 2GB RAM, Windows Vista Business – $640.98.99

Given the aggressive pricing and the availability of a better VIA Nano CPU that’s a drop-in replacement for the C7M CPUs, how far off are we from an updated Mini-Note?

jkOnTheRun mention some promotions going on directly from HP as well, ending October 31, 2008 (and the $399 Mini-Note in the promotion is the same one mentioned above at $369).

It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next few months – it’s a good time for HP to upgrade – they had a really good design and the only major criticism from many was the CPU – a CPU upgrade would definitely be welcome and could put HP right back into the netbook game.