Samsung NC10 Hands-On (LAPTOP Magazine)

Samsung NC10 Over at LAPTOP Magazine, Joanna Stern has her hands on a new 10.2″ Samsung NC10 netbook, and she’s posted a video along with her impressions.

This is not their final review unit, but they took plenty of pictures of keyboards – the NC10 is fast becoming one of the most unhyped hyped netbooks around because of the keyboard. I’ve read a lot of forums and blogs keeping an eye on the NC10, and it seems like it’s the netbook equivalent of a ThinkPad – if it’s mentioned, the keyboard has got to be mentioned, and Joanna does indeed mention it:

Since September we have been envious of the other countries of the world, not only because their dollar isn’t as weak as ours, but because they were due to get the nice looking, big keyboard-sporting Samsung NC10 netbook.

She considers it a serious rival to the 10.2″ MSI Wind U100 and its keyboard.

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