Asus Eee PC – 1 Year Anniversary

Asus Eee PC Today is the one year anniversary / birthday of the 7″ Asus Eee PC which kicked off the whole netbook craze. Last year in Taiwan, the Asus Eee PC 701 went on sale and everything changed in the ultraportable market.

Previously we were used to paying quite a bit for any laptops smaller than twelve inches, and some companies acted as though customers weren’t interested in anything smaller. The Eee PC practically created the low-cost small laptop / notebook market (which Intel would dub “netbook” back in February of this year). Now every major PC maker either has netbooks available for purchase or has publicly announced plans to, with the exception of Apple (although Steve Jobs is watching the netbook market). Intel even went so far as to purchase and turn it into a netbook portal.

Besides some humorous photos and a humorous video depicting netbooks having a birthday party for the Eee PC, LAPTOP Magazine went over a brief history and even took a turn at creating a pun or two (“Eeevolution”).

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