HP Working on Touch-Oriented Devices, 10″ Netbook

HP Logo The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hewlett-Packard is working on touch-oriented devices, and will even roll out a touchscreen consumer-oriented notebook later this year.

Keep in mind that while Tablet PCs might have touchscreens, not all touchscreens are used in a Tablet PC form factor (or even the “convertible” form factor). This will look like a normal laptop and will not be a convertible like the HP Pavilion tx2500z.

Part of this effort involves software that HP is developing for touch screen interaction. They’ve already implemented a touch screen in a desktop computer, the TouchSmart, back in 2007 (and they recently updated it). Unlike a Tablet PC where you might use some kind of stylus, in this instance, the touch interface will be with your fingers.

WSJ is also reporting that HP will be introducing a new 10″ netbook later this year. Whether this is a direct replacement for the 8.9″ HP 2133 Mini-Note (which might be in the process of being upgraded) or is meant to expand the Mini-Note line is unknown. WSJ did say it won’t have a touchscreen.

Read: Wall Street Journal