Toshiba NB100 Hands-On (TR)

Toshiba Satellite NB105 TrustedReviews has gotten their hands on the upcoming Intel Atom-powered 8.9″ Toshiba Satellite NB100 netbook and have posted several of their impressions of it.

Keep in mind these are engineering / pre-production sample units of the NB100 / NB105.

The NB100 they had access to had the VGA, Power, and ethernet ports on the back of the netbook (instead of the sides like most netbooks do). There are advantages to that. Toshiba has grouped all of the LED status lights together and placed them directly below the touchpad. Speaking of the touchpad, Toshiba made the left button larger than the right, something that’s very nice (the buttons are arranged directly below the touchpad).

The keyboard is sure to generate some discussion (small Enter key, placement of the right Shift key, etc.). It’s got a glossy display – many netbooks don’t. That will generate plenty of discussion as well.

TR mentioned they are due to arrive in both the UK and in worldwide markets towards the end of this month, and a Toshiba represenative told them that the NB100 “will be priced extremely competitively”.

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