MacBooks and FireWire: Steve Jobs’ Response

Apple Redesigned MacBook 2008 A few days ago, I had a long-winded rant about Apple dropping FireWire from the new MacBooks. A lot of other people have been ranting about it as well, going by and various other blogs and Mac-oriented forums.

Steve Jobs has responded to one Mac user: “Actually, all of the new HD camcorders of the past few years use USB 2” and followed it up with “The new HD camcorders start around $500“.

That’s typical Jobs – he doesn’t mince words, but I think Apple should have handled it better or should have been a lot more upfront. I was in an Apple Store last week, and while waiting, twice I heard Apple Store employees pushing FireWire devices (external hard drives). An ExpressCard slot would have been the best solution. In the past, when they retired a standard, you knew it. There was no doubt, because Apple made a big issue out of it.

Now people are finding out that Apple is phasing out FireWire from emails sent by Steve Jobs on his iPhone.