Inside the New MacBooks

Apple Redesigned MacBook 2008 AppleInsider has been taking a comprehensive look inside the new 13.3″ MacBooks (aka MacBook (Late 2008)) and seeing just what makes them run as well as the differences over the previous MacBooks.

They get all the way down to the level of what internal devices (keyboard, iSight, etc.) connect to which USB bus, which USB ports are full-powered, etc.

They also mention the change in architecture with the shift to NVIDIA’s “chipset on a chip” where just about everything but the CPU is included on one chip, including the video. Normally you would have two chips and the CPU. It’s still using an Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn CPU, but now you have NVIDIA’s GeForce 9400M G chipset / graphics on one chip instead of two, with the AirPort wireless networking powered by a Broadcom BCM94322USA chip (for US models).

AppleInsider – Audio and Video
AppleInsider – FireWire, USB, NVIDIA Controller