MSI Wind U100 – New BIOS, Numbers

MSI Wind PC A new BIOS has been released for the 10.2″ MSI Wind U100 netbook. Normally such an update might not be too newsworthy, but this BIOS adds some unique features that some Wind owners have been waiting on for a while – they were announced by MSI back before the U100 even launched.

Version 1.09 (Oct 22, 2008) of the MSI U100 BIOS adds the ability to overclock your MSI netbook simply by pushing FUNCTION + F10. You can overclock the Atom CPU by 8%, 15%, or 24% beyond the normal limts. A mention is made of up to a 30% improvement in performance of some applications (Photoshoop).

You can download the BIOS at (via Engadget).

Meanwhile, DigiTimes is reporting that the U100 will hit somewhere between 600,000 to 700,000 units shipped this year. Originally MSI predicted 500,000 units. This probably includes rebadged Windws (such as Advent, Sylvania, etc.).